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As a wife and busy Mum to two gorgeous girls (6 and 3) whose idea of a fun afternoon is definitely NOT looking around the shops, I wanted to be able to find and buy fabulous things for friends, family and my home without trudging round the same shops, seeing the same things and never finding what I wanted.

I am lucky enough to have a large extended (and very artistic) family, who have all had input into this website and the beautiful gifts and “homey” things that have been chosen, so there should be something here to suit all ages, tastes and purses.

I have tried where possible to do business with creative people here in the UK I am especially pleased to be working with Charlotte Macey Textiles, who designs and hand sews all the textiles that we have on the site. She is based in the beautiful Cotswolds and there is no-one quite like her. Her textiles have a chic, classic edge that are of a standard that cannot be beaten (and we have searched high and low!). I also ensure that I buy from companies who are ethical in the way they work with their suppliers from around the world. I am really excited about the products that we have found.

There are so many things to look at on the site and I did not want to keep ‘doubling up’ with pictures so it is well worth looking through all the sections as there are still great home accessories in the wedding section and things in gifts that you could have on wedding tables and as favours – the only limit – your imagination!

In my family whenever we give it is always “Out of Love”, is there really any other way?

Happy giving…

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