Multi Frame (18)

Fabulous multi photo frame that can be hung vertically or horizontally. These multi frames (we do quite a few) make the best present. They can be filled with generations of family photographs and given as a wonderful family gift to a parent or grand-parent, they can be filled with wedding photos and given as a fantastic wedding gift or filled with holiday/honeymoon photos, or with a special birthday (40th, 50th, 60th) selection of pics…..really the possibilities are endless.

Imagine 18 individual frames all around your home, it would be a bit much but one frame displaying 18 photos is perfect.

This frame comes in a cream lightly distressed finish – beautiful.

Low Stock

H 107 cm x W 47 cm

4 × 6 “

These frames have perspex not glass.

Perfect gift for the home and to give to others.

All our multi frames are made from real wood and as such they do have knots, wood grain and bumbs that are part of being a natural material. They are not made from MDF and so if you are looking for a more regimneted ‘plastic’ finish to your frames then these are not for you!